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Dead Link Checker

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About Dead Link Checker

Dead Link Checker - While surfing on the internet, you must have seen the highlighted words or the phrases? Have you ever clicked on those highlighted areas? Maybe sometimes when we find those words or phrases interesting and can serve our purpose. These are commonly known as links or hyperlink. Clicking on the links takes you to another page or to a particular element in the same document. The texts that are linked are known as hypertext. The page where the link takes you is known as anchor text. Links do help us and the web page in many ways. Links help the web page in proper ranking. SEO do see the link earned by the web page and rank on basis of that.

Today in this article we will be not talking about the links or its various elements and functions. We will be sharing some little information about a certain type of link known as the broken link.

What is a Dead link?

Dead Link Checker - There must be certain cases where when you click on certain links it takes to an empty web page or to a page that no longer exists. These entire links are known as the broken links. It is also termed as the dead link; broken link can be certain links that work no longer. Clicking on a broken link can give you an error message. Webmasters do avoid to have broken links on their website. Whenever broken links are encountered by search engine they do create a bad impression in the search engine and can also lead downfall of the ranking. Even a visitor finds out a broken link, they too had a bad impression about the page. There are certain cases where viewers do not want to visit the page again. As soon as webmasters or developers detect a broken link they need to tackle it.

What are the reasons for which dead links are generated? There can be several reasons for which a broken link is being generated. I have tried to collect some of the reasons and placing them in bullet order;

  • Due to the negligence of the webmaster, they do sometimes put a wrong URL in the link that results in creating broken links.
  • Due to the removal of the webpage from the website. There are certain cases where the destination web page is being removed from the website.
  • Due to the complete removal of the website or the website is not working properly.
  • Due to any protection being applied to the destination website. There are cases where the destination website is accessed blocked by any software or by a firewall.
  • Due to link given to a site that is restricted from accessing.

Dead Link is Toxic

Dead Link Checker - Dead link can generate a lot of problem for the ranking of the website. Google do highly watch the time that a user strict to the site. When it finds that the user left the site in a short while it understands that the user may have encountered some problem and do discovers that. When the search engine discovers that there is a dead link it creates a misconception about the website and thus no longer the website is being counted as a trusted one. The same cases are faced with the users. Whenever a user faces the same situation they do like to leave the page and go to another page for getting better information. This is not highly accepted by the webmasters as that can reduce the popularity of your website and thus also affects the ranking.

So, for better understanding, I am jotting the disadvantages in bulleted pattern;

  • Dead links do highly affects the ranking of the website and the webpage in the search engine.
  • Dead links can be the reason for which less traffic can be drawn towards your website.
  • Dead links do hamper the reputation of the website.
  • it can be the reason for which you may lose the number of visitors visiting your site.

So, do you want to know how to solve the problem of dead links? If yes, then here can be some of the guidelines that can help you how to solve the problem of broken links;

  • There are websites available on the search engine that does let you know about the broken links present in your website. These websites do perform a search and gives you an elaborated report on that.
  • You can also use the mechanism of redirection that can take the users to a different location if a broken link is faced.
  • Experts do highly recommend not providing the deep blinks if not required.

Dead Link Checker - Before taking any measure to solve the problem with broken links you need to know whether there are any dead links present on the website or not. This can be easily done with the help of the website that comes with a broken link checker available on the search engine. This Dead Link Checker asks for your URL and you need to click on the submit button. The Dead Link Checker performs a quick check on the website and reports you about the internal as well as the external link and their status code and status.