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DNS Records Lookup

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About DNS Records Lookup

DNS records Lookup - Just think what happen if the website doesn’t have any name to identify? It would have been impossible for us to identify a website unless it had a name. For the purpose of identifying the website, a name is given in it known as the domain name. The Internet uses these domain names for the purpose of identifying the website. You can get information about the website from the domain name. WebPages are being located through the domain name. This name can be remembered easily. Domain name entered into the space provided at the top of the browser. A domain name can be proved useful in cases like networking context, application specific addressing and application-specific naming. A domain name represents the internet protocol resources. A domain name can be divided into three parts namely – World Wide Web, subdomain and top level domain.

For example let a domain name be “”, here ‘www’ is subdomain prefix that represents the World Wide Web, ‘.res’ denotes the subdomain consisting the name of the domain and ‘.com’ represents the top level domain. Subdomains and top level domain are separated from each other with the help of a dot, although the top-level domain is the most important part on the internet and can be categorized as .org, .net, .com, .edu, .info and so on. It is a vast system that is very important on the internet and to avoid the complexity of duplicate address, rules and regulation are been used known as the Domain Name System which is case sensitive and can be written as per capitalization methods.

DNS records Lookup - Domain name system can be termed as the largest database that contains every website’s information that is present on the internet. IP address is provided for each and every website that tells that actual location of the internet and thus is being utilized for locating the website present in the database. DNS record can be termed as the data which makes the website respond to the input that is being provided. Sometimes DNS record is also known as the zone files. DNS record or Domain Name System record plays an important role in the internet function and it is essential to learn for each and every webmaster. DNS records are also termed as the mapping files that inform the DNS server about the IP address that each domain is connected with. A request is being sent to the DNS server each and every time a visitor visits a web page or website. This request is then been sent to the web server that contains the data of the website. DNS syntax is being used as a command that dictates DNS server action. This syntax can be various string letters.

Some of the examples of the DNS syntax can be AAAA, MX, NS, SOA SRV, TXT, NAPTR, A and PTR.

DNS Records Types

DNS records Lookup - Here are the types of DNS records and a small description about them;

  • “A” record - It can be termed as the basic syntax type that stands for an address. “A” record is used in the DNS record to denote the domain actual IP address.
  • “AAAA” record – It can be termed as the record of the IPV6 address that is mainly used to map the host name to the 128 – bit IPV6 address. A normal or regular DNS address is being used to map for the 32 – bit IPV4 address.
  • “CNAME” record – Can be elaborated as the “Canonical name” that is mainly used to known one domain by another domain. CNAME is thus used to connect a new subdomain with DNS records of the existing domain.
  • “MX” record – Commonly known as the “mail exchange”, provides a list of the servers that exchange nails which are being used by the domain.
  • “PTR” record – It is known as the “pointer record” that is used for the purpose of mapping the IPV4 address in the CNAME of the host.
  • “NS” record – Can be known as the “name server”, it is used to know the name server that is being authorized for the domain.
  • “SOA” records – Known as the “State of Authority”, it stores information about the domain. It has information that tells when the domain was last updated and many more other information. It is very vital as it contains all the important information.
  • “SRV” record – The full form of “SRV” is “service”. Domain operates on the TCP service. “SRV” record is thus used to define the TCP service.
  • “TXT” records - Stands for “text” is used by the administrator where he can insert text that they want to in the DNS record. Also used to denote the fact about the domain.

DNS Records Lookup

DNS records Lookup are very important for the internet network. The administrator or sometimes the webmaster do face a necessity to have a look at the DNS record. If you are not software trained then how can you view those records? Here comes Viewing DNS Information that will show all the information about the DNS. Thus this result will show the list of the DNS records in the priority order for a domain. You just need to insert the URL of the website for which you want to go for the test.