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Domain Age Checker

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About Domain Age Checker

Domain Age Checker - To begin with domain age checker, you need to first understand what is a domain? Though a computer expert may find it very common, but for the common people, domain is somewhat rare. According to me, the domain name is the name uniquely given to a website that is used to identify it. Domain name is used on the internet in a way that human names are used in the real world. Information is provided in the domain name. Web browsers locate web pages though this piece of information called domain name. Domain name system or DNS is used for the regulation of this naming system so as to avoid confusion or having duplicate addresses. Domain names are easy to remember. Web addresses are entered in the URL which is present at the top of the browser. Thus when a user reads the URL, he first starts reading from the right section and ends at the left section of the domain name. It thus gives the direction to the network so that the result page is loaded successfully. Domain name is thus any name that is being registered in Domain Name System. Domain name is useful in various ways such as application-specific naming, application specific addressing and in networking context. Internet protocol resources are represented by the domain name. Say if we take example like “”, there are three parts in a domain name, they are;

  • www. – Broadly known as World Wide Web, is the prefix of the subdomain that is generally used to create interest among the users.
  • .abc. – It is the subdomain that contains the name of the domain
  • .com – This part of the domain is top level. It is generally known as the top level domain.

Though there are servers that use a naming convention of three letters for domains of top level and sub domains are separated from it with the help of a dot. The top level domain is considered to be the most important on the internet. It was created to distinguish among the countries and the organizations and other categories. Some of the categories are;

  • .org
  • .net
  • .com
  • .edu
  • .mil
  • .biz
  • .info
  • .museum
  • .name
  •  and much more

This naming system is case sensitive. And it can be written as per any capitalization methods. Common practice is to write the domain names in lower cases.

Another name that comes up with the domain name is domain authority. To measure the power of the domain name, the domain authority is used. It does portray its importance in a particular subject or in a specific organization. It affects the position of a web page in the search engine result page as done by the crawler. Domain authority is thus the estimation of the domain name capacity and the positioning of the web page in the search engine result page. Domain authority is used for contrasting one site with other and additionally to know your websites quality. Domain authority is determined by calculating all the measures like the root space connection, a number of aggregate connections and at last calculating MozTrust and MozRank into a single score. Thus Domain Authority can be the measure of the situating nature perceptive of the entire cone or the sub or the sub- areas.

Domain Age Checker - Domain age is the factor that search engine generally look for the ranking of the website in the search engine ranking page. Domain age generally refers to the time length of a website that is been registered and also active. Search engine and visitors do give a lot of importance to the domain age. The two factors on which the age of the domain name depends are;

Determined to Check Domain Age

Domain Age Checker - How long is the domain name active? It is generally the time for which the content of the web page has been crawled by the web spiders. It is thus the note of the first time the web page was been crawled and thus the inbound link was noticed.

Domain age is considered as very important for the Seo as search engine ranking include this as a factor to rank the page in the search engine ranking page. The aim of the search engine is to provide the best result.

When the age of the website is more, it becomes more trusted in the search engine eyes. An aged domain is considered to be having longevity. The search engine cannot trust the new websites in terms of their content and their offers to the visitors. The search engine does trust the domain that has a high trust score.

Secondly, with an increase in the domain age, the page authority of the web page also gets increased.

Thirdly, the bounce rate decreases with the increase in the domain age.

Fourthly, when a corporate wants to sell its domain, the pricing is determined after seeing its domain age. The more the domain age, the greater will be its price. Actually, it is done such that a website with domain age higher is said to be having a high trust. The search engine does believe them and thus are sold at a very high price. Thus domain age is very important for ranking as well as selling of a website.