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About Domain to IP

Domain to ip - How can a website be identified? Though you may take a couple of seconds to thinks about it but the software guys will give a quick one-word answer – Domain name. I would like to define it like, for the purpose of identifying a website a unique name is given, that name is known as the domain name. As in the real world, each and every human has a name, in the same way, domain name serve this purpose. Thus, your own website name is your domain name. Domain name contains the information. It is the address from where the internet users are accessing your website. Thus this name is used for identifying and finding the computers on the internet. Domain name was developed to get utilities over the IP address which is a long number string. So, the domain name was developed so to the utility the users to remember the name of the computer. So, domain name provides information. Web pages are located by the web browser by this information. A domain name can be seen as a combination of numbers and letters. The domain name is needed to be registered before taking it into use. Domain names are different from one another. This unique quality makes it different. You must have seen that no two websites have the same domain name. The domain name you will be searching for will open that website only, it will not redirect to another website. Domain name say “www.domain” usually contains three parts; they can be categorized as;

  • www. – Short form of World Wide Web that comes at the beginning of the domain name. It is also known as the subdomain prefix. Often users find this to be very interesting and get attracted to it.
  • .domain name – This is also a subdomain that contains the domain name. This is usually given such that similar to the firm or the organization. When you search for this name in the search engine, the website will get opened.
  • .com – This is the top level domain and thus mark the end of the domain name.

The most important part of the domain name is the top level domain which was created for distinguishing countries or organizations or other categories. Thus these categories can be;

  • .org
  • .com
  • .net
  • .in
  • .edu
  • .info
  • .name
  • .biz
  • .museum
  • And Much More.

Domain to ip - You must be wondering that how this naming system is done? So, as to avoid duplicate address or confusion, a regulation is been provided popularly known as the Domain name System or the DNS. These domain names are very easy to understand and remember. The web address is thus entering the URL that is provided in the browser top. This URL is read such that starting from the right and then ending in the left of the do0main name. It thus provides with the link that takes you from the host page to the destination page. Domain name is thus any name that is being registered in the Domain Name System. It is thus used in application specific addressing and in naming and in context networking. The domain name also represents the resources of the internet protocol.

Domain Name to IP address

Domain to ip - To change the domain name to the IP address that machine finds it easy to read is known as the Domain name system or the DNS. Other information about the domain name is also provided in the Domain name system. It provides information about the mail services. It acts as a book that keeps the information for the internet. We human generally look at the information book to find out the address or the phone number of the person whose name is only provided to us. Domain name System does the same thing for the internet. A computer generally uses the domain name system to get the IP address. Through IP address you are able to visit the website needed. Domain name system is an internet service that can fetch you the IP address of a website from the domain names. Domain names are easy to remember as they contain letters and numbers that make it easier to remember. Though the internet works on the IP addresses, but to facility the common users the domain name is used and domain name system is used to transform domain name to IP address. It is very important to transform the domain name into the IP address for the utility of the internet. IP addresses are mainly in the form of numbers that can be separated with the help of dot. The domain name system has its own networking system. When a domain name system is not confirmed how to convert the domain name, it asks the second one and thus it goes on like that until the IP address is fetched.

Domain to ip - So how to convert Domain name to IP address? Searching in the search engine one can get a thousand of such sites that can transform domain name into IP address. So this work very easily, only needs to enter the domain name or the URL. The result will be given such that showing the IP address, its country name, and the ISP.