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Find Blogs

To send you more traffic and drop your links on different sites use these different Google queries to find thousands of sites.

About Find Blogs

“Backlinks”- is the most common and important word in the world of search engine optimization or SEO. People sometimes really struggle to understand the meaning of the word “backlinks” especially who are new to online business and blog writings. In this article you are given the basic concepts and more to make you understand what actually “backlinks” is.

So, let us start with the meaning. To put it simply –backlinks are incoming links to a web page. When a web page is linked to any other page then it is called backlinks. Previously backlinks played the major role in making the web traffic move towards your web site. A web page with lots of backlinks tended to rank higher on the major search engine including Google. The notion of generating backlinks are not as important now as it was before, because there has been many other ways to get your site search engine optimized. But to a large extent this backlinks generating is fruitful even today. Here we are giving you some very common terms related to backlinks that you must know to understand the entire thing.

  • Link juice: When a web page links to any of your article or your home page then it sends link juice. This will improve the ranking of the article and also the domain authority.
  • No-follow link: When a web site links to another web site yet the link ahs no follow tag, then it does not send link juice. It is not useful in ranking if the page.
  • Internal links: Links that are traveling from one page to another within the same domain are called internal links.
  • Anchor text: Text that is used for hypertext is called anchor text. Anchor text backlinks work fabulously when you are trying to rank a particular keyword.

Why is it important to have backlinks?

  • It is important to have backlinks from a quality site and those backlinks should be contextual. You must link the sites to authoritative and relevant sites.
  • Backlinks improve organic rankings. If your site’s content is getting organic links from other sites your site will automatically rank higher on the search engine results.
  • For new web sites it is important to have backlinks as they help in faster indexing and discovery of your site.
  • Backlinks help to get referral traffic.

Find Blogs to Make Quality backlinks:

  • Write nice and contextual articles
  • Start commenting on chosen blogs
  • Create cornerstone articles
  • Use broken link building method
  • Submit to web directories
Find Blogs to submit Comment for backlinks

When you have links from a web site that has high ranking, then the link is known as High PR backlinks. This backlinks are known to be very potent and powerful type of backlinks you can get.

We all know that backlinks are very important to rank your blog or post high on a search engine result. So, many bloggers consider commenting on blogs as a technique to built blog post. But alone commenting does not have too much impact on your position. In addition to this, commenting on different posts and blogs, reading them are very exhausting work to do. So, before starting to comment incessantly to other blog posts consider the few things:

  • Plan your blog commenting strategy by find blogs that related with your topic, do not comment endlessly rather comment wisely and effectively
  • Leave a good impression and well written with your comments
  • Make your comment with strong word

How to find Blogs for backlinks?

When you generate backlinks you must want to see how many of them are there in a linked page or web site. So, to find blogs for the backlinks is not a hectic job for you anymore. You will not have to read the entire article or page content to check the number of links available there. There are tools available online to do the work for you. Search “find blogs” and you will have a list of blogs finder’ list.

The backlinks checking tool runs a lot of test to determine how many backlinks are generated to your web site or page that you have entered. Additional information are also checked out like anchor text, backlinks source’s page rank etc.

You have to enter the page URL in the given space. Then in a few seconds you will find the backlinks of the page in the result. Then you can determine your overall Google rank. Above all the backlinks checker tools are free to use. These tools check the numbers of inbound links as well as the no follow links.